Guide To Choosing The Best Countertop Blender For Your Kitchen


Blenders have become a crucial appliance for every kitchen. They help you to make salsa, sauces, smoothies and much more.

A good counter-top blender is a must have for you if you don’t want to spend a major part of your life in the kitchen mixing, blending and grinding food on your own. You just need to choose one from the variety of options available. But this is the issue. With the thousands of multi-tasking blenders available it’s easy to get lost or end up being confused.

We have come to help you. We are dedicated in assisting you find the best products for you according to your requirements. So no matter what you need; whether it is a high-powered blender to grind coffee beans and heat your soup or a standard blender for performing daily tasks like mixing shakes and smoothie, we will help you! Hopefully this shopping guide to choose the best blenders for you will help you to take the right decision.

What Features to Consider

Power is the most important feature to consider while selecting a counter top blender. The more powerful the blender will be, the better it will blend tough ingredients and in larger quantities as well. So, if all you want to do with your blender is to make simple cocktails and smoothies, you need a blender with low powerbut if you would crush ice into snow or blend nuts with your blender to add in those drinks then you need a powerful blender. Apart from this feature, here are some of the features you need to consider before choosing your countertop blender.

1. Capacity 

Giving a closer look at the capacity is very important as just you know how much food you cook at once. For this, you can check the capacity of your blender based on three main categories of blenders such as: Full size countertop blender- This particular blender is big in size as compared to others. Here, you can find around 40 ounces to 64 ounces.  Personal blenders – This blender comes in small sizes. You can find them from 18 ounces to 24 ounces. Personal blender would be a perfect option for an individual but not for a big family. A Larger one would be better but you need to beware as you may find it tough to blend little amounts in extra big blenders. Like if you need to grind just a small amount of nuts then the ingredients might just sit below the blades and do not blend accurately.

2. Revolution per minute-

Basically, RPM refers to the number of rotations performed by the blade in a minute. On the basis of RPM, countertop blenders can be found in two main types. Maximum high-speed blenders ranging between the 20,000-30,000 RPM while on their peak setting. Such a high speed lends it lump free smoothies and smooth sauces.

3. Ease of Cleaning- 

If you really want that your blender would not end with thick wreckage then try to buy a blender with removable blades as this would be easy to clean.

4. Controls-

Each and every blender has different degree of control A number of blenders feature full digital display along with some preset programs whereas some have a single dial which controls the speed.

5. Settings-

Some high technology countertop blenders provide dough setting or frozen drink. Once you press the button, such types of blenders automatically start blending the ingredients at the right amount of time and the right speed.

6. Jug Material- 

While talking about jug material, you may find either thick glass or plastic:- If you want a jug with a sturdy body and great look, go for a glass jug. Plastic jugs are light in weight but these are not high in quality and may also taint by food odors and colors.

7. Heating Elements- 

There are a number of countertop blenders that feature a heating element at the bottom. Such types of blender will also let you enjoy the hot soup without using gas.

8. The Obvious One – Price

When all is said and done, price pretty much influences every single buying decision, and blenders are no exception. Generally, more costly brands are associated with high performance. However, be careful when choosing the best blenders as price is not always an indication of value. Especially, be wary of dishonest marketing gimmicks and insist on checking the reputation of the company before deciding on investing your money on it.

Wrapping up 

There are variety of countertop blenders available from the most powerful and multi tasking to the most budget friendly and convenient. But choosing the right blender for you will ultimately depend on your requirements. We hope that our guide will help you to find the best blender which will prove to be right for you!